Homeless Education

  • The school district is actively seeking to enroll children and youth who are homeless. If you are homeless or know of a child or youth that is homeless and not attending school, please contact the following person who will provide information and assistance during the enrollment process:
    • Local Liaison Name: Nick Hopper
    • Telephone: 662-223-4384 x12
  • Who is considered “homeless”? Any child or youth not attending school who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence is considered homeless and includes those who are sharing housing with others due to loss of housing or economic hardship. It also includes children and youth who are living in hotels, camping grounds, emergency shelters, cars, bus or train stations, or other similar settings. If you are not sure, please call.
  • What are the education rights of homeless children and youth? Our schools provide equal and comparable access to all students regardless of their home living situation. Homeless children and youth have specific rights that include: a. Immediate enrollment in school and, when desired or feasible, at the “school of origin.” b. Prompt provision of necessary services such as transportation and meal programs. c. Appropriate support services and programs for which they are eligible such as programs for gifted, children with disabilities, vocational education, preschool. d. Academic assistance through the district’s federally funded Title I program. e. Parent or guardian involvement school activities.
  • What is the “school of origin”? The term ‘school of origin’ means the school the child or youth attended when permanently housed or the school in which the child or youth was last enrolled. It is the district’s responsibility to consider the best interests of the child or youth when making a decision regarding what school to attend. Consideration must be given to placement at the school of origin unless doing so is contrary to the wishes of the parent or guardian.
  • What if there is disagreement regarding school placement? The parent, guardian or unaccompanied youth (a youth not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian) may appeal the placement decision if the district makes a placement in a school other than the school of origin or a school requested by the parent, guardian or unaccompanied youth. The student will be immediately enrolled in the school in which enrollment was requested by the student or parent while an appeal is pending. The person indicated above will provide information and assistance regarding such an appeal. No Child or Youth Should Be Denied Access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education